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Belfast begins construction of greenway connecting city’s parks and open spaces

Belfast begins construction of greenway connecting city’s parks and open spaces

The project will see the creation of a 12-kilometre-long route between the sites

Belfast has unveiled its plans for the construction a 12-kilometre-long route that will connect its parks and open spaces. The Forth Meadow Community Greenway will create ample opportunities for cycling and exploring the greenery of the city and will create a strong link for continuous trips in nature for any of its citizens and visitors.

Funding to put green spaces atop the agenda

The Forth Meadow Community Greenway project is worth 5.1 million pounds and will be delivered thanks to the funding from the EU’s PEACE IV Programme which will be matched by financing provided by the Northern Ireland Executive.

The project will see not only the establishment of the new 12-kilometre link between Belfast’s parks and open spaces but also the creation and installation of additional equipment and infrastructure, such as wayfinding and information signage, street furniture and even public art pieces which will be installed along the route. Funding will also be made available for the beautification and enhancement of some of Belfast’s key sites along the route which will see additional landscaping and planting.

Upon revealing the details of the project, Lord Mayor Alderman Frank McCoubrey stated that “Forth Meadow Community Greenway is a really exciting project that will help regenerate local neighbourhoods along its 12 kilometre route.

Alongside the capital project which will be completed in 2022, an imaginative community activity and events programme will be delivered at sections along the new greenway, with the aim of bringing communities together and promoting the use of the shared space.

By encouraging residents to make more use of facilities in neighbouring areas, the new greenway and activity programme will also encourage interaction between communities that have been divided for too long. This supports the Belfast Agenda, the city’s community plan, which includes aims to regenerate neighbourhoods, improve community relations and create a welcoming, safe, fair and inclusive city for all.”



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