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Belfast looks outwards for post-COVID economic recovery

Belfast looks outwards for post-COVID economic recovery

The city’s new “Renewed Ambition” programme will bring together key stakeholders that will promote the city on the global stage

When it comes post-COVID economic recovery, Belfast has set its sights on reaching new horizons through its “Renewed Ambition” programme. The initiative will bring together key stakeholders from the city who will work together to promote Belfast’s investment proposition on a global stage.

By working together, the city and a wide range of different public and private enterprises, want to put Belfast on the map and make sure that it reaches the top of the list of investment destinations.

Working together on a global level

The “Renewed Ambition” programme makes up a key part of the city’s overall journey towards economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The project will take the shape of a series of virtual events and investor engagement initiatives throughout which the participants will highlight the enormity of Belfast’s potential and point towards the numerous opportunities for real estate investors and developers. The programme will also draw on the talent of world-renowned experts who will also join the chorus of explaining the strengths of Belfast and giving an overview of what makes it different from other UK cities.

The project will highlight the efforts undertaken by the Belfast City Council to help local businesses survive the pandemic and will also focus on its key strategic advantages in a post-Brexit world as a vital piece of an economic triangle, connecting Dublin and London.

Chief Executive of Belfast City Council Suzanne Wylie explained that “We have a very clear plan for Belfast’s recovery post-COVID and Renewed Ambition will be an important part of that journey. It will take our unique and compelling investment proposition to a global market in a new and exciting way. We have had to pivot how we position the city in the wake of coronavirus and in doing so have found ways to reach a wider audience which will allow us to attract investors from all corners of the globe, in line with our Inclusive Growth Strategy.

This is an exceptionally challenging time, but as a city, we’ve proven our resilience time and again, and now, with collaboration stronger than ever before, Renewed Ambition will highlight the very best that the city has to offer as a place to live, work, learn, visit and invest, and act as our real estate showcase to the world.”



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