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Belfast relaunches bike-sharing scheme with a dream for a healthier future

Belfast relaunches bike-sharing scheme with a dream for a healthier future

The lockdown brought many to the conclusion that the expansion of cycling infrastructure is the key to a healthy and active city

One of the positive aspects of COVID-19 and its accompanying lockdowns has been the clearing out of cities from traffic and excessive pollution. Many citizens of Europe arrived at the conclusion that their cities are perhaps better off without the constant car traffic that has been a part of our daily lives for decades. The data on air quality also reflects this positive change that many now seek to make permanent.

Back to normal with a new perspective

Bike-sharing had been suspended in the city of Belfast since early April when the United Kingdom entered into lockdown in order to contain the spread of COVID-19. Now, with the slow and gradual reopening of the country, local authorities have decided to relaunch the service.

The city has seen a great surge in cycling during the lockdown months – as is the case with many other urban areas around Europe. Thus, the relaunch of the Belfast Bikes bike-sharing scheme represents a great opportunity to further establish cycling as the go-to transport alternative for locals – and the City Council will not miss its chance.

“There’s been a real surge in cycling since the beginning of lockdown, with people finding it a fun, healthy way to get around and keep fit. I’m looking forward to seeing that trend continue, especially now we have access to additional pop upcycle lanes thanks to our work with the Department for Infrastructure and Department for Communities. There has been a renewed focus on improving our cycling infrastructure to help improve people’s health and wellbeing and to help tackle climate change and improve air quality, which is all part of our Belfast Agenda goals, and I hope we can continue to build on that momentum," stated Lord Mayor, Alderman Frank McCoubrey.

By recognizing this historic opportunity to promote cycling and to further its climate ambitions, Belfast will be able to stand proud in the future, knowing that it has done its part in combating climate change and in becoming more sustainable.



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