Berlin lays out plans for coronavirus vaccine deployment

Berlin lays out plans for coronavirus vaccine deployment

The vaccine will be available little by little so the city will have to be careful with its initial distribution

With a coronavirus vaccine now on the horizon, governments across Europe are busy devising ways to best distribute the cure. The burden, of course, of actually physically distributing the vaccine will fall on local authorities who will be tasked with spreading it among the most vulnerable members of society.

Berlin lays out an approach

Off of the back of the good news on the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, local authorities in the German capital of Berlin have laid out a plan of how they will be approaching its distribution once it becomes available.            

According to Berlin’s mayor Michael Müller, at the start, the vaccine will be delivered little by little as vast quantities will initially be required. Thus, his government will have to prioritise and will have to make choices on who will be the first ones to receive the cure.

In their plans for the distribution of the vaccine, first up will be vulnerable groups and essential personnel – e.g. the elderly, doctors, police officers, firefighters and others. This will allow the disadvantaged to finally return to their normal lives while also creating the conditions for cities and government services to return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, Berlin’s government will also begin creating the necessary infrastructure for the deployment of the vaccine as early as December. According to officials, up to 20,000 people will be able to be vaccinated each day after the creation of several decentralized vaccination centres. Six such centres will be available by the start of 2021 at as of yet undetermined locations.



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