Aerial view of a town in the southern Portuguese region of Algarve

Best European retirement destination: Portugal

Best European retirement destination: Portugal

It is among the best in the world, as well, with 3 other Mediterranean countries making the list

The prestigious Annual Global Retirement Index of International Living is out with its 2022 edition and the results are in – the European Mediterranean retains its great position as a premier destination for retirees. The best places country there is Portugal (4th) with three more European countries making the top ten – France (7th), Spain (8th) and Malta (9th).

What else becomes clear from the Index, however, is that Latin America has come out a serious contender to Southern Europe in offering good weather, comfort and facilities for the elderly. The top 3 countries – Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico – are all located there.

The Mediterranean havens for retirees

We, at TheMayor.EU, however, are still confident that for European retirees at least, EU destinations also hold that extra convenient factor for being close to one’s country of origin and family.

According to Terry Coles, who is a retired person living in Portugal writing for International Living, the Iberian country is a natural and easy choice to make given its climate, good food, friendly people, modern healthcare system, safety and low cost of living.  She estimates that a couple could live comfortably on 2,500 dollars a month – especially if they pick a smaller city or a town where to base themselves.

France is also recommended for similar reasons, and its healthcare system is cited as one that is exemplary even by global standards. Likewise, the recommendation there is to steer away from the largest cities, the Alps and the glamorous Azure Coast, if one is on a tighter budget.

The recommendations for France include its fastest-growing city, Montpellier, located in the sunny south, not too far from the coast. For those, seeking a slower pace and rural peace, the recommendation is the region of Dordogne, in the country’s South-West, where two-bedroom homes can be had for less than 250,000 dollars.

For the tiny island country of Malta, the advice is to pick the smaller isle of Gozo, which offers cheaper rentals and properties for purchase when compared to the capital, La Valletta. The differences in price can be in the range of 20-30%, in fact.

Spain is praised for its first-class infrastructure, safety and joyous lifestyle, which is welcoming to outsiders. Its public transport system is also quite enviable, with an ever-expanding network of high-speed railways, for example. The recommended budget for a couple opting for a small to midsize coastal city is about 2,600 dollars a month.



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