We'll still use the current Euro banknotes until the end of the decade, Source: Depositphotos

Birds, rivers and culture: that's what people want to see on the new Euro banknotes

Birds, rivers and culture: that's what people want to see on the new Euro banknotes

The design of the new bills will be chosen in 2026

Even if the European Central Bank (ECB) is working towards developing a digital variant of the euro currency in response to the boom in cryptocurrency, paper money will be here to stay – at least in the foreseeable future. In that regard, the ECB announced that it plans to release new versions of the Euro banknotes towards the end of the decade.

What the new euros will look like, however, we will find out in 2026 when the bank officials will pick the winning design. It will replace the current one – which has been known as being quite neutral, inoffensive and – let’s face it - somewhat forgettable.

However, there is already an indication of what the new banknotes will feature in terms of art on them. Apparently, this time around the monetary experts have decided to tap into the public opinion and taste of Europeans before deciding what motifs to place on the banknotes.

ECB organized surveys, which showed that there is strong support for themes like “European culture”, “Rivers: the waters of life in Europe” and “Birds: free, resilient, inspiring”. These are more desired as motifs rather than people and historical figures, which have been the go-to choice for paper money around the world.

Public preference for Euro design

The ECB decided to integrate all these preferences together so that as much of the public’s preferences as possible will be included. Thus, there will be a unified motif to include both rivers and birds into one alluding to the natural heritage of the continent and the respect that Europeans hold for the environment.

As for culture, this time around maybe it will feature more prominently in its variety of forms rather than the ambiguously historic arches, bridges and gateways on the current bills. The future banknotes may have things like monuments, works of art, literature, music, scientific discoveries and inventions, which are unmistakably European.

Both of the chosen themes share a common thread of connecting Europeans and this is what Europe and our common currency is all about connecting us," ECB President Christine Lagarde said, as quoted by Reuters.

The new banknotes will replace the current ones, which have been in circulation for more than two decades now.



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