Birmingham ushers in support for social care providers

Birmingham ushers in support for social care providers

The City Council has approved a 5-million-pound package to support local care providers

Along with healthcare workers, social care providers are on the front lines of the ongoing pandemic. They are charged with handling, providing and in general taking care of the most vulnerable members of our societies and are – as is the case with all other essential jobs – in dire need of additional supports.

Support for frontline staff

That is why the City Council of Birmingham has announced an additional support package for the local social care facilities worth 5 million pounds. The goal of the city’s local authorities is to keep such facilities afloat and aid them in these unprecedented times in any way they can and as far as their abilities allow.

Councillor Paulette Hamilton, cabinet members for health and social care, stated that “We are living in unprecedented times and we know that care providers across the city are working incredibly hard in really difficult circumstances. They are the people who support the most vulnerable in the city and it is only right that we support them financially. However, it is important that we put in place the right support to address the issues given the care market in Birmingham is complex.

“Although as a council we only fund around 50% of places and support for any given provider, we recognise that in this current crisis, regardless of whether services are funded by the council or others, we must ensure they are supported and remain viable.”

Currently, there are a total of 300 care homes in the entire city of Birmingham, along with some 200 home support providers. The 5-million-pound package comes on top of previous actions undertaken by the city’s local government, including investments in the city’s support living a home support care providers worth 8 million pounds.



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