Next year might be anything but 'boar'-ing on the streets of Italy, Source: Depositphotos

Boar hunting in Italy moves into the urban areas

Boar hunting in Italy moves into the urban areas

The new legislative proposal by the government cites the security concerns that the street roaming wild animals have raised

Italy’s far-right government has apparently taken aim at the country’s wild boar problem by allowing hunting areas for these animals to expand to urban areas. On 21 December, the country’s Parliament approved provisionally an amendment to the budget, which would allow such a step, though it still has to be voted on before the end of the year.

The amendment allows the killing of wild animals for reasons of road safety in protected areas, even in cities, with wild boars that pass the necessary sanitary tests allowed to be eaten, according to media reports.

The move understandably has raised concerns of its own as well as criticisms from animal activists. On the other hand, the farming lobby group Coldiretti has praised and welcomed the amendment.

Will Roman streets turn into a Wild West bonanza?

Italy, and more specifically its capital Rome, has been having a legitimate boar problem for some time now. So much so that the animals have been blamed for endangering traffic and the safety of the residents in some districts, even necessitating curfews and fences in some situations.

Coldiretti, Italy's main agricultural lobby, estimates there are more than two million wild boars in Italy, warning their increasing numbers have caused traffic accidents and damage to crops.

However, animal rights groups have strongly opposed the measure, saying it could put at risk EU-protected species such as wolves. "The scandalous approval of the wild hunting amendment ushers in a new season of massacres," said Massimo Vitturi, from the LAV animal rights campaign group, as quoted by Wanted in Rome.

Interestingly enough, no criticism has been heard about the very real risks for the lives and health of residents if the urban streets were to become legal hunting grounds for boars. Hopefully, this, too, will be addressed before finalizing the law.



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