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Bologna aims to protect the elderly from scams

Bologna aims to protect the elderly from scams

A new campaign, called “You don’t convince me!”, was launched last week

On 15 April, the Municipality of Bologna informed of the launch of a new campaign, called “You don’t convince me!” that has the aim to help the elderly citizens become better aware of scams that target them and to also aid seniors who had been victims of such criminal activity. The campaign, carried out in collaboration with the local Prefecture, also includes partial reimbursement funds for victims, as well as a psychological support desk that can be consulted free of charge.

Part of a larger effort to combat fraud in the Italian municipality

Seniors are a favoured target of criminals and scammers since they tend to have a harder time in keeping with the progress happening in the world around them – they also tend to live more socially isolated lives. Recently, the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the problem as it has given the pretext for scammers to enter people’s homes under the pretext of carrying out sanitary duties or help with social services.

The city authorities explained that the awareness campaign had been designed in a way to reach and grab the attention of the elderly residents in the places where they congregate or consume information. This includes radio spots on San Luchino, International and Nettuno radios, a TV spot on the Ètv channel, advertisements in local newspapers, thematic in-depth podcasts, as well as constant updates through cards and video infographics on the Facebook page of the Bologna Municipality.

The anti-fraud efforts, which include the new campaign, have arisen as a result of a memorandum of understanding that was signed between the local government, different pensioners’ unions and volunteers’ associations.

The agreement stipulates that victims of scams or robbery can apply for a reimbursement of 100 euros from the Social Services department; with the sum going up to 500 euros in case of robbery which had left damages to the doors or windows. Furthermore, the volunteers’ associations have joined in to provide free psychological consultations in order to relieve the stress experienced from such traumatic events.



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