Bordeaux's tram network is already struggling with the increased demand for public transit services, Source: Depositphotos

Bordeaux launches study for the construction of metro

Bordeaux launches study for the construction of metro

The aim of the metropolitan authorities is to see the viability of adding the mobility option after 2030

Will Bordeaux become the next French city to gain its own subway network? A new study to evaluate the feasibility of such a grand-scale project was launched at the end of last week in the southwestern metropolis famous for its wine.

The preliminary study will unfold in three phases until the end of 2024, and it is expected to see whether metro lines can be constructed on the metropolitan territory.

The first phase will last for 12 weeks, during which time the experts will analyze the territory and submit proposals for the eventual routes of one or two subway lines. Then it will be up to the metropolitan authorities to decide during the second phase the viability of the proposals. The final phase will determine the cost analysis together with a socio-economic assessment regarding the inclusion of such a mobility system.

Two lines would cross under the city

The idea for the construction of a metro network in Bordeaux dates back to the 1980s and similar to other such projects that require massive investments, commitment and consensus, it has gone up and down in popularity throughout the years.

Ultimately, the issue rose again to the surface after it was considered that the tram network was at capacity and unable to meet the demand for public transit services in the city.

Two preliminary studies had already been made – one in 2019, which was incomplete, and another one in 2021. The latter was conducted by the ‘Metro de Bordeaux’ association, which has been campaigning for the construction of the underground network.

The current study counts a budget of 300,000 euros and is conducted by the Artelia/Oyat group, which won the metropolitan tender on 9 August.

If the Bordeaux Metro is to become a reality, it won’t happen before 2030, which is when the new mobility plan for the metropolis will be released.



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