A pop-up bike lane in Braga, Source: Braga Municipality

Braga gradually introduces pop-up cycling infrastructure

Braga gradually introduces pop-up cycling infrastructure

The aim is to encourage cycling, kill motorized speed and increase road safety

The City of Braga announced that it is implementing the pop-up model of shared roads between cars and bicycles. This is part of a road safety and cycling mobility promotion project that tests new strategies for the circulation of bicycles. The idea is also to make the network connection to the centre of the city, schools and other centres to generate more mobility through secondary streets.

Apart from encouraging alternative modes of mobility, and thus cleaner air and less noise, the city authorities preview that the transformation should happen in a way that also increases road safety. For that purpose, traffic speed in residential areas and near schools has been limited to 30 km/h.

The pop-up model calls to motor vehicle drivers to share the road

Traffic calming measures were devised in a way that draws the driver's attention to the need to coexist with other modes of transport and to reduce the speed of circulation on the roads in question.

In this context, the first phase of the plan consisted of painting bicycle symbols on the pavement, as well as signs for a maximum speed of 30 km/h and a continuous burgundy on the axis of each lane on which cyclists can travel. line The colour corresponds to the one to be used on regular bike paths and on parking spaces. These markings create a very striking visual effect that makes motorists aware and increases their attention. 

In a second phase, additional traffic calming measures will be created, such as the narrowing of traffic lanes in specific areas and the creation of central cycling lanes of 1.50 m width in asphalt, in streets whose current pavement is in granite cubes. The intention of this mixed road surface will be to make it comfortable for bicycles, but still leave some friction to the wheels of the cars. 

The implementation of these measures will act as a platform for the effective transformation of daily traffic, in a process that is expected to become progressively more unavoidable. The incentive to soft modes of transport instils a growing demand effect and will cause the Municipality to hold more information for the implementation of physical measures. 



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