Ricardo Rio, the mayor of Braga (first from the left), attended the unveiling of the park, Source: Braga Municipality

Braga’s newest park doubles up as an eco-lab

Braga’s newest park doubles up as an eco-lab

The green space features a variety of both tried and novel ideas for propping up climate resilience

Parque das Camélias is the name of Braga’s newest green public space. Located in the south of the Portuguese city, it represents a re-naturalization effort and an expansion of the existing network of greenery there. What’s more, it has been designed with the ideals of climate adaptation and resilience in mind and it has been promoted as a living laboratory where such solutions can be tested out.

Good practices: climate adaptation and mitigation

Parque das Camélias is a public area that adds value to the urban surroundings in various ways. With its reinforced greenery, new pedestrian paths, viewpoints, leisure areas and snack stands, it serves as an attractive magnet for the local community to enjoy some leisure time.

However, the innovative side of its creation has more to do with the implementation of climate adaptation and climate mitigation methods, features and practices on its territory. Braga has been internationally recognized for its sustainability pioneering work, the latest example of which is the Municipal Strategy for Adaptation to Climate change (EMAAC).

For example, sustainable water management will be carried out, with the recovery of a water tank and the use of rainwater for irrigation and for urban cleaning of the surrounding area. About 190 trees and 600 shrubs have been planted, prioritizing native species. The walkways were built with permeable pavements that facilitate rainwater drainage. Green plants top the roof of the Camping Park reception building.

It is intended that, by adopting this type of mitigation/adaptation solutions to climate change, Parque das Camélias can contribute to their being disseminated and adopted by citizens and organizations. The park thus acquires a mission to serve as a living lab for these good practices and for their popularization across the municipality, the region and the country.

A video showing the various features of the new park. Source: Braga Municipality



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