Pets in Braga can look forward to rights protection

Braga will have an Ombudsman for animal rights

Braga will have an Ombudsman for animal rights

The administration is responding to growing requests from the public on this issue

At the start of this week, the authorities in the Portuguese city of Braga announced that they will move forward with the creation of a new administrative office – that of the Municipal Ombudsman for the Animals. The government explained that this was seen as a step in the right direction given the growing interest and requests regarding this issue from the general public.

Modern cities take good care of all their residents – including non-human ones

The implementation of this new municipal figure is another measure aimed at defending animal welfare and follows on from the recent evolution of the legislative framework dedicated to the defense of animal rights. The aim is to meet the growing volume of requests received in the municipality on this topic, harmonizing society's new requirements in relation to animals and streamlining the relationship between citizens and municipal services. 

The creation of the new office will allow for a greater connection between the municipality, citizens and associations, benefiting the protection of animal welfare. The Animal Ombudsman will be a non-executive mediator, independent and public cause defender, who is responsible for receiving and hearing the citizens’ concerns in that area. He or she will also clarify the existing animal policies to the residents, including the responsibilities of those who take care of pets.

The overall goal is to seek the enforcement of the existing legislation in this matter so that it will not be just empty words lacking action behind them.

The Ombudsman will be appointed by the Municipal Assembly on a proposal from the City Hall and will exercise his functions and responsibilities for a period of four years.

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