Bratislava begins trials for new smart parking technologies

Bratislava begins trials for new smart parking technologies

Parking sensors will be collecting data from some of the city’s busiest parking spaces

In cooperation with the city’s innovation team, the parking policy team and the Municipal Police, yet another pilot project has been created within the Municipal Laboratory, thanks to which the Slovak capital of Bratislava will be testing parking sensors in a lively urban environment in order to improve the local parking services and opportunities.

Using tech to improve services

Data from the newly installed parking sensors will help Bratislava’s local authorities monitor the occupancy and utilization of selected parking spaces and help them evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of the parking rules that are currently in effect. According to the collected data on the use of parking spaces, the city can, for example, change the length of permitted parking or the time span in which these rules apply.

Furthermore, thanks to the sensors, residents of Bratislava will be given the opportunity to check remotely via a web browser whether parking spaces are free or occupied. In selected locations, it will also be possible to use the navigation service for the given car park via mobile navigation applications.

The sensors were installed earlier in October and have gradually started to collect anonymous data. They only send information about when the vehicle arrived and subsequently when it left. Due to the current state of use of strict liability, the police cannot fine drivers only on the basis of data from sensors.

Officials want to remind citizens that at the moment, this is a mere pilot project on which they are testing new technology and, based on the ongoing evaluation of the results, they will decide whether a further expansion is possible and feasible. The project is implemented thanks to external sources and has no impact whatsoever on the capital's budget.



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