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Bratislava delivers its buses for nationwide testing campaign

Bratislava delivers its buses for nationwide testing campaign

The buses are being used as part of the latest iteration of Slovakia’s nationwide testing campaign

The Bratislava Transport Company (DPB) is providing 50 public transport vehicles for the ongoing nationwide testing campaign. During the weekend of January 23-24, people can be tested in the new mobile collection points (MOM), which are being created thanks to buses, trolleybuses and trams. The entire course of nationwide testing is covered by the City Hall in cooperation with the city districts of Bratislava.

Everyone pitching in for the common good

Of the 50 vehicles are provided by the Bratislava public transport authorities. 12 of them will be placed in the largest parts of the city - in Ružinov and Petržalka. Up to 8 articulated buses will serve as collection points at Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport. Furthermore, the company will also provide 4 trolleybuses for testing (2 at Čiližská and 2 at Vrakuňa Cemetery) and 2 trams, which will be delivered at the historic SND building.

"By providing a relatively large number of vehicles, we want to help ensure a smooth testing process in the capital. I believe that thanks to our support and our vehicles, which will create the background for MOM, the waiting time for the test will be as short as possible, " said Martin Rybanský, Chairman of the Board of DPB.

The interior of the vehicles serves exclusively the testing team, while the public takes tests in the exterior of the public transport vehicle. The procedure is as follows - the administration will take place at one door of the vehicle and sampling at the next. The result will come by e-mail or SMS message. Which specific doors will be set aside for testing depends on the vehicle type, but the procedure remains unchanged.

DPB employees have also installed the materials needed for testing and administration in vehicles since Friday evening, so almost all selected means of public transport were perfectly prepared and equipped as early as Friday night. During the weekend, there will also be a bus with "Covid busters" in the field, which will ensure the disinfection of sanitary facilities for test teams and public transport drivers and will also continuously disinfect vehicles.

Buses, trolleybuses and trams will return to the depots on Sunday evenings, where they will be thoroughly disinfected during the night so that they are ready to enter traffic on Monday morning.

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