Skatepark under SNP bridge, Source: Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava

Bratislava embarks on marathon renovation of public spaces

Bratislava embarks on marathon renovation of public spaces

25 reconstruction projects will get going this year with 23 more on the drawing board

Long-neglected public spaces in the Slovak capital will come to life thanks to an extensive renovation programme called ‘Living Places’. The programme, created by the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava (MIB) in cooperation with the Department of Urban Greenery and Municipal Forests Bratislava, was presented last week by city mayor Matúš Vallo and MIB director Ján Mazúr.

First comprehensive renewal programme

"Living Places is the first serious programme and an effort to bring about a visible and definitive change in public space in Bratislava. It is the beginning of a big marathon," said Vallo, quoted by TASR newswire, adding that Bratislava has a huge debt to its citizens in terms of public spaces.

Under the programme, 25 reconstruction projects will begin to be implemented during 2021. In parallel, another package of 23 public space renovation projects is being prepared in cooperation with city districts.

Among the projects that will get underway this year are a skate park under the SNP bridge, viewing platform on Kamzík, restoration of the fountain on Námestí slobody (Freedom Square), ice rink and footbridge on Železná studnička, restoration of the original mountain hut in the area of the former ammunition depots on Pekná cesta and revitalization of the park on Legionárská street. 

The mayor announced that the city had set aside EUR 14.3 million for the renovation programme. He noted that, compared to the past, this is a record amount of expenditure; however, it is still below what Bratislava deserves in public spaces funding.  

Greenery and new paving

The projects of the Living Places programme also include the Poľská Justičná courtyard, Krížna Karadžičova public space, Žilinská park, Motýlia lúka, a multifunctional park in Karlova Ves, Dunajská park, the surroundings of the Karlova Ves cemetery, Husova park, Malý Slavín complex, animal observatory Vydrica, and a buffet on Partizánská lúka.

In addition to individual projects, standardization work within the Manifesto of Public Spaces continues. The city is preparing, for example, new paving, and specifying the method of laying it, as well as its colour, shape and other characteristics.

In the coming months, more greenery will be planted, especially on intersection islands, and new public transport shelters will be installed. As part of the ‘Living Places’ programme, the concept of public housing solutions is also being developed.



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