Vydrica Nature Reserve, Source: City of Bratislava on Facebook / Jakub Mrva

Bratislava gets a new nature reserve

Bratislava gets a new nature reserve

The increased level of protection will prohibit construction and development in the area

On 19 January, the Slovak City of Bratislava announced that the government has approved its proposal to establish the Vydrica Nature Reserve in the Little Carpathians Protected Landscape Area. Therefore, as of 1 February, the forests and nature of the Bratislava Forest Park will be better protected, with bans on construction coming into force.

483 hectares of land

The Vydrica Nature Reserve is home to several animal species, which the municipality notes are significant to Europe. Named after the Vydrica river, which flows through it, the Nature Reserve will cover an area of 483 hectares, most of which (450 hectares) will be strictly protected. 

"I am very happy that Bratislava, after 15 years of efforts by conservationists, will get another nature reserve in which nature protection will come first, but at the same time, Bratislava's residents and visitors can continue to relax there, as they were used to," shared the Mayor of Bratislava Matúš Vallo.

Opportunities for recreation

While the increased level of protection will prohibit construction and development in the area, it will not affect the free movement of locals and tourists in nature. Taking this further, cyclists and pedestrians will still be able to visit the reserve and take part in recreational activities such as mushroom picking, sports, etc. 

Expanding on this free movement, the Director of Municipal Forests in Bratislava Matej Dobšovič revealed that the Vydrica Nature Reserve will perfectly combine the protection of biodiversity and intensive recreational use. 

On its website, the capital notes that Bratislava’s forests are among the most popular in Slovakia. Moreover, residents have found them even more attractive since the outbreak of COVID as the demand for open-air spaces skyrocketed. It follows then that the city now views the protection of nature and green spaces as its main priority.

To see photographs from the Vydrica Nature Reserve, view the gallery above.



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