Bratislava gets ready for its first municipal bazaar

Bratislava gets ready for its first municipal bazaar

The pilot event is meant to raise awareness for the emerging Bratislava Reuse Centre

In order to raise awareness for the newly emerging Bratislava Reuse Centre, local authorities in the Slovak capital are hosting the city’s first municipal bazaar. The pilot event will take place in October, but the collection of items began yesterday 1 September and will continue until the end of the month – 30 September 2020.

Reusing for the benefit of all citizens

The Municipal Bazaar is meant to showcase how much can be accomplished by reusing – and how many useful items one might find among the possessions that others have donated. The event is meant to translate into a stable and effective reuse strategy for the entirety of Bratislava by heralding the opening and the operations of the city’s Reuse Centre.

The first steps of this journey towards greater sustainability, however, is the collection of items that will be sold off at the bazaar and which is currently underway. Everyone who wishes to donate an item is free to do so, so long as it is in a decent condition, remains usable and is among the following:

  • upholstered furniture
  • books, magazines, CDs and DVDs 
  • board games
  • non-electronic kitchen utensils
  • sports equipment
  • non-electronic gardening tools
  • children's assortment
  • bicycles, scooters, bouncers, tricycles, etc.
  • office and school supplies
  • non-electronic musical instruments.

The Municipal Bazaar is the city’s way of introducing citizens to a new way of life in which waste is limited and sustainability is of the utmost priority. The items collected during the campaign will be available for symbolic prices during the event and the collected funds will be used in a transparent manner by the municipality in order to develop Bratislava’s Reuse Centre.

"Our goal is to start doing things differently - not throwing away unnecessary things but giving them a second chance. What we don't need can be shared with someone else and vice versa. In addition, the Municipal Bazaar will be a place where you can buy something unique for a symbolic price. Come and make things spin! Nature thanks us for that. " said the mayor of Bratislava Matúš Vallo. 



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