Bratislava offers free hotel stays to tourists this summer

Bratislava offers free hotel stays to tourists this summer

Guests of many of the capital’s hotels who pay for 2 overnight stays will be eligible to receive a 3rd one free of charge

With the coronavirus pandemic hitting Europe’s tourism sector particularly hard, businesses and governments have been working hand-in-hand in order to revitalize it. The reopening the EU’s inner borders was just the first step in a months-long journey, and it will not be the last as many cities and their authorities are looking to branch out and discover alternatives to how they can best attract visitors.

Promotions and deals pave the way to revitalizations

In the Slovak capital of Bratislava, the city’s government, represented by the Bratislava Tourist Board (BTB) alongside Bratislava’s Hoteliers, has launched a new campaign that is meant to attract more visitors – be they domestic or foreign.

The new 2-in-1 scheme allows guests of many of Bratislava’s hotels to get a free overnight stay after purchasing two. This project is part of the city’s 72-hour campaign that aims to promote Bratislava’s unique experiences and unique cultural and historical heritage.

According to officials the campaign and the promotion scheme should give local businesses the perfect opportunity to begin their post-coronavirus recovery – and it would allow them to expand their reach to more domestic tourists, on top of the ones already arriving from abroad. The entire initiative also ties up nicely with many other projects that have been developed by Bratislava’s tourism authorities over the years – like for example, the Bratislava Card.

V. Grežo, Chairman of the Board of BTB explains the entire project in detail, stating that “We want to help our members, but also to stimulate tourism in general, which is recovering from the current crisis. The driving force of the campaign and motivation will be getting the third night for free, with payment of two nights. If guests prove that they have used the 2 + 1 promotion, they will receive a 72-hour Bratislava Card, City & Region for the price of 48 hours. After picking up the card at the Tourist Information Center, each holder will receive a free city tour, free admission to city galleries and museums, unlimited public transport in all zones of IDS BK and more than 100 discounts up to 50%. As children under the age of 16 use the benefits of the card together with their parents free of charge, it is also a great tip for families with children.”

The scheme will be available throughout the summer season and you can register at the website. 



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