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Bratislava’s grant scheme for support of sports and education receives fresh funding

Bratislava’s grant scheme for support of sports and education receives fresh funding

Hundreds of thousands of euros have been set aside by local authorities for 2021

In order to provide additional support to the city’s sports and educational sectors, local authorities in Bratislava have announced a continuation of their trial grant scheme that was introduced in 2019. Its successful initial implementation has given officials hope that it can be carried forward and can have a profound impact on the city’s development and growth in the coming years.

Keeping up with what works

After last year's introduction of an innovative application system for the  Grant Program for the Development of Sports and Education in Bratislava, the capital has published another Call for Applications for Sub-program no. 4 to support activities carried out in the public interest through the investment of funds in sports infrastructure. The funds are earmarked for the construction, reconstruction and modernization of sports fields, sports facilities, venues and buildings for sports and recreation to the public or the procurement of material and technical base of sports infrastructure.

In 2020, the capital supported 17 projects worth 850,000 euros, for 2021, the city budget approved 600,000 euros. The minimum grant amount for one project is 10,000 euros and the maximum is 150,000 euros.

Those interested in applying for a subsidy from Subprogramme no. 4 can register and submit their applications in the period from 23 December 2020 to 1 March 2021 until 12:00 on the initiative’s website .

More detailed information on the individual sub-programs of the grant program and on the announced calls for grant applications will be available to interested parties on the website of the capital

The continuation of the grant program, albeit in a slightly reduced scope, puts on display the Slovak capital’s ambition to involve as many citizens as possible in its development instead of centralizing decision-making and acting solely on its own volition.



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