Bratislava’s old town set for massive parking changes

Bratislava’s old town set for massive parking changes

Parking will become cheaper for residents and more expensive for visitors

In Bratislava, proper parking spaces appear to pose a serious problem for citizens. The issue is especially pronounced in the Old Town, where the demand is highest, yet the amount on offer is never enough.

The Local Council was not about to sit idly by while their constituents were forced to park further and further away from their homes and offices – so they took matters into their own hands.

By reaching an agreement with the firm currently managing and operating the Old Town’s parking spaces, the Local Council is set to relieve the burden of the citizens living in the area.

BPS Park – the company administering the parking spaces is currently in charge of a total of 2,489 parking places. Bratislava City Council meanwhile is looking after another 600.

Following talks between the local government and the managing company, the Old Town Local Council’s contract with BPS was amended with extra protections for individuals permanently residing in the area.

The new measures include:

  • Reduction of the price of parking permits for residents – the current 60 euro price tag for the annual permit will be dropped to 39 euros
  • Free parking lots for locals – 200 parking lots will be available only to residents between 5 PM and 12 AM
  • Extension of the paid parking hours for non-residents and visitors to the area – from the current 8 AM to 4 PM the hours will be prolonged to 6 PM

The local government is also planning to improve the way payments are made by allowing for the use of contactless card in the following weeks.

The new changes will come into effect on 1 December. The Old Town is following in the footsteps of other parts of the city which have already successfully introduced similar policies ensuring the availability of parking spaces for locals.



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