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Brno encourages people to rent and renovate flats in its historic centre

Brno encourages people to rent and renovate flats in its historic centre

Apply to the city’s new fixer-upper project by 31 January

Finding affordable housing is a challenge in nearly all cities today. As few people can afford to buy a home, the demand for renting has skyrocketed. It follows then that the price of rent has increased, making it difficult to find accommodation within one’s means.

Searching for a solution to this problem, the Brno-střed district council in Czechia has devised a scheme that allows people to rent a home in the city’s historic centre at an affordable price. In addition to this, it will allow them to repair and renovate the apartment in whatever way they choose. This means that they can paint the walls in any colour, choose their own bathrooms, etc. 

After this, the council district will deduct the cost of repairs from the rent. Nevertheless, it is crucial to note that the maximum amount the district can reimburse is CZK 2,500 (EUR 101) including VAT per square metre. What is more, the repairs must be of high quality, meaning that one must either hire a professional company to carry out the work or have the skills to do it on their own. 

Apply by 31 January 

Last month, the district council shared that it is offering ten housing units on Bayerova, Josefská, Masarykova, Orlí, Solniční and Tučkova streets. Those who are interested in renting and renovating a flat can submit an application to the district council by 31 January. 

To further facilitate the process of renting and renovating, the Brno-střed district council will carry out the more challenging repairs before giving the apartments to the tenants. Some of these tasks include:

  • Removing damaged parts and fixtures;
  • Adding new water, gas, wiring, and heating systems;
  • Refurbishing windows and doors in historic buildings to restore them to their former glory;
  • Replacing floor compositions;
  • Carrying out layout changes, such as building separate bathrooms.

Commenting on the fixer-upper scheme, Mayor of the Brno-střed district council Vojtěch Mencl shared that it will allow those who are not wealthy enough to buy their own homes to rent accommodation and add their own touches.



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