Brno's hackathon will take place on 9-10 April

Brno invites residents to participate in its first hackathon

Brno invites residents to participate in its first hackathon

In April, citizens will work together to create applications and tools to improve life in the city

On 9-10 April, the Czech City of Brno will hold its first hackathon, challenging residents to create an application or tool that will help the municipality and its inhabitants. The event will be organised in collaboration with the non-profit organisation Czechita, which focuses on the education of women in the field of technology.

Deputy Mayor Tomáš Koláčný explained the purpose of the hackathon, noting that it seeks to unite programmers, web designers, analysts, project managers, graphic designers and other creatives to work together to achieve a common goal: to come up with a new, innovative solution or product that will improve the quality of life in the city.

Finding innovative solutions

On its website, the Czechita organisation gives several examples of problems the participants can address. Taking a case in point, it shares that teams can tackle issues surrounding Brno’s congested traffic by creating a traffic search engine or analytical tool. Alternatively, they can create a quality-of-life map or find ways to improve Brno’s public administration services.

“The participants of the Brno hackathon will work nonstop in teams from Saturday morning to Sunday noon (yes, even at night). The results of their work will be evaluated by an expert jury and the teams in the first three places will receive a financial award. In addition, we anticipate that the best ideas or solutions will be further developed and completed so that they are actually put into practice,” Koláčný shared.

At the end of the hackathon, the organisers will announce the teams with the best projects. The participants with the most innovative solution will receive CZK 20,000 (over EUR 800). The teams that win second or third place will also receive CZK 15,000 (over EUR 600) and CZK 10,000 (over EUR 400), respectively.

Those interested in participating can register on Czechita’s website in teams of 3-5 members or individually.



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