Children playing in a house with a green roof, Source: City of Brno on Facebook

Brno teaches children the importance of sustainable architecture

Brno teaches children the importance of sustainable architecture

They are shown how building sustainably can influence our future

Sustainable architecture has become a widely discussed topic around the world as people have recently begun to understand its value and importance. As part of the second year of the Festival of Architecture 2021, the Czech city of Brno has therefore opened “When buildings work with nature”: an educational trail that shows children how building sustainably influences the future of our cities.

Explaining why cities overheat

The trail explores several subjects, including why cities are often warmer than the countryside. In other words, children will understand how walkways made of certain materials such as concrete can result in high temperatures while greenery absorbs heat. What is more, they will also be taught about the production of electricity and the conversion of waste into building materials.

A house with a green roof

One of the most impressive structures from the educational trail is a large house with a green roof and photovoltaic panels. With this structure, children are shown how the panels can charge electric bicycles. In addition to this, the house contains an adjacent tank where rainwater is collected for future use.

Essentially, the educational trail seeks to teach children how electricity can be obtained from the sun and why it is better than using coal. Although “When buildings work with nature” will be open until the end of September, this particular house will remain for a longer period of time.

“When buildings work with nature” has been created alongside the Department of Motivational Programs of the City of Brno. Undoubtedly, the educational trail will inspire children to think about the importance of sustainable actions in other areas besides architecture. In this way, they will grow up to make choices that benefit the city and the planet.  

Photographs of the structures can be viewed in the gallery above.

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