Brussels Charleroi Airport

Brussels Charleroi Airport shuts down

Brussels Charleroi Airport shuts down

The measure will be in place from Tuesday until 5 April but might be extended

Brussels Charleroi Airport is closing its doors to passengers and airlines starting Tuesday evening until 5 April, reported local media on Friday. The drastic measure was imposed in relation to the growing Covid-19 threat in Belgium.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to paralyze the freedom of movement within and beyond the European Union. Unsurprisingly, today the Brussels South Airport has announced that it will be closing for almost two weeks. More precisely, on Tuesday at 23:59, it will temporarily stop operating flights. What is more, the company explained that it is possible to extend the measure beyond 5 April if the circumstances require it.

This does not apply to maintenance and sanitary flights.

Reduced passenger flow amid the coronavirus outbreak

Naturally, the airport’s passenger flow has considerably decreased over the last weeks, as many European countries limit the movements of their citizens, in order to contain the spread of coronavirus. As a consequence, airlines have already reduced or even suspended their connections to some destinations.

Some of the flights of Ryan Air, Air Belgium, have been cancelled, in relation to the current country restrictions in place.

Meanwhile, local virologist Marc Van Ranst who is part of the Coronavirus response team of Belgium, described the management of passenger flows at the main Brussels Airport as unacceptable. Hence, he recommended on Twitter that Brussels Airport close, too.

Travelling to and from Belgium in the situation of Covid-19

Institutions strongly advise checking if there are any changes to your flight before travelling. In order to see if your flight to and from Brussels Charleroi is cancelled, visit the website of Charleroi Airport.

If you want to check the up-to-date situation per country, visit the website of the Ministry of External Relations of Belgium. Moreover, all travellers are requested to register online and declare where they are flying to.

The country has 2,257 coronavirus positives so far with 37 deaths and 204 recovered patients.



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