Floya is your new digital friend in Brussels, Source: Floya Brussels Facebook

Brussels launches one app for all local mobility services

Brussels launches one app for all local mobility services

Floya will be one hell of a helpful tool next time you’re in the Belgian capital

Floya is the city of Brussels’s newest mobile app and this one will be of interest to both residents and visitors of the Belgian capital. The app, which was launched yesterday, brings about Mobility as a Service (MaaS) integration by combining all transport services, public and private, into one convenient spot – your smartphone.

The two entities behind the development of the digital tool are STIB-MIVB, the local public transit operator and Brussels Mobility. They have joined efforts to provide flexibility and rapid response to meet the mobility needs of users, but also to encourage them to abandon their cars and opt for other ways to move once they see the variety of options available.

No need for 10 mobility apps on your phone

Floya allows users to plan, book and pay for different modes of transport in Brussels. It currently includes the four public transport operators (metro, trams, buses and trains) as well as several shared scooter, bike and car services. It also gives you the means to unlock shared mobility devices after payment, and it will give you information about disruptions or detours along the way, suggesting alternative routes.

As such, the new app is an upgrade or an extension of the STIB-MIVB app, as it now smartly calculates and suggests options from the private sector as well – all with the goal of presenting Brussels mobility services as one integrated ecosystem, regardless of the economic goal of its branches.

Mobility is constantly evolving in Brussels, and thus the promise is that Floya will also constantly improve. A whole lot of new features are on the way, which will give users even more options.



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