Mid-June, head to the city of Brussels for the Brussels Urban Summit 2023, Source: Depositphotos

Brussels Urban Summit 2023 will confront challenges common to all cities

Brussels Urban Summit 2023 will confront challenges common to all cities

Reps from 300 cities worldwide will head to the Belgian capital, 12-15 June

Global challenges like climate change, energy poverty, migration and inequality can be felt more strongly in cities, where 55% of the world population lives today. At the same time, cities are uniquely placed to tackle international crises, driving innovation for a greener, inclusive future.  

With these facts in mind comes the announcement that Brussels will host the 2023 Urban Summit – a forum where global urban leaders will convene to address the particular challenges facing contemporary cities and the progress made in tackling them.

To continue this journey, from 12-15 June 2023, political leaders, policymakers and civil society from 300 cities around the world will come together at the Brussels Urban Summit. 

Participants will exchange ideas and devise new strategies to build more sustainable, socially inclusive and affordable cities. Answers provided at the local level can have a ripple effect on a global scale and determine people's futures for decades to come.

The Brussels Urban Summit is a joint initiative of Eurocities, the Brussels Capital Region, Metropolis and the OECD Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth Initiative.

You can attend free of charge but with pre-registration. Sign up here.

Concurrently, the 14th Metropolis World Congress will take place

The event in the Belgian capital will actually serve as a two-header as it is being also promoted as the site for the 14th Metropolis World Congress. The congress itself is a tri-annual event, which gathers representatives to debate and defend the interests of the global metropolitan areas.

The last event coincided with the surge of the COVID pandemic, so this will be the first time in six years that the entire network community will have the chance to come together as one.

The aim of Metropolis is to create more inclusive, more accessible and more efficiently functioning cosmopolitan urban spaces



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