The solar roof installation on top of the GUM, Source: City of Dupnitsa

Bulgarian municipality gets first solar roof, bill goes down by 30%

Bulgarian municipality gets first solar roof, bill goes down by 30%

The new photovoltaic system was mounted on top of the GUM, a municipally-owned shopping mall

Yesterday, authorities in Dupnitsa, a small Bulgarian town, cleared the city's first municipal roof photovoltaic system. The system was mounted on top of the so-called GUM, a city-owned company that manages a sort-of shopping mall.

GUM stands for City Universal Shop, a three-story Soviet brutalist-style structure in the heart of town. It has a shopping area of around 4,300 square meters filled with local brands and storefronts.

However, GUM also has a roof of about 800 square metres and considering the spike in energy prices, the municipal company has been trying to find ways to cut costs. Energy is one of the obvious first candidates.

Municipal photovoltaic plants – a new staple of infrastructure development

According to a report by the BTA, the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency, GUM had to do roof maintenance and adaptation work to be able to mount the photovoltaic cells. Otherwise, the project cost around 200,000 leva, equivalent to 100,000 euros.

The municipal company financed the solar plant through its own budget and is the first in the city to do so. With the new installation, GUM representatives say that they will meet their own energy needs as well as sell energy back to the grid.

According to an official statement, the company will be able to cover its investment in just three years, while energy expenditure for the building footprint will go down by 30%.

Metodi Chimev, the mayor of Dupitsa was quoted by the BTA, saying that this development could shine a path forward for other municipal companies and institutions, especially for the benefits of local solar power generation.



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