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Burgas modernises health management in schools

Burgas modernises health management in schools

As part of the city’s efforts to attract doctors back

From today, 26 April, two schools in Burgas will benefit from smart software medical systems, announced the municipality. This is thanks to their partnership with a high-tech company, supporting the drive to bring doctors back to schools.

The first, hopefully among many, middle schools to benefit are “Yordan Yovkov” and “Dobri Chintulov” in “Izgrev” neighbourhood and “Petko Rosen” in “Meden Rudnik”, the largest residential district in Burgas.

Burgas leading the way in health management efficiency

On Friday, Burgas Municipality announced that Sofia-based "SMART SOFTWARE SYSTEMS" will donate medical software to several Burgas schools. The company specialises in the development and implementation of medical software JOYSTICK - a complete information system for managing medical institutions, currently in use by over 4000 doctors throughout Bulgaria.

The product minimizes costs and helps to make the right management decisions. The donation follows the Municipality of Burgas’ initiative to start the gradual appointment of doctors in its schools.

"Our goal is to have constant medical supervision in schools, to give a chance to young doctors who are now starting their practice, and when they develop as specialists in the field of children's health, if they wish, they can start working in the children's university hospital, which is to be built in Burgas," said Mayor Dimitar Nikolov on the occasion. He further pointed that the Municipality of Burgas undertakes to subsidize the acquisition of a specialty aimed at improving and protecting children's health.

The measure is aimed to counteract the growing issue with the lack of doctors and medical personnel in schools. Local media report that as of September, at least 400 Bulgarian schools have neither a doctor nor a nurse.

"We are happy to be able to make our small contribution to children's and adolescents' health care and to provide the Municipality and the schools for their newly opened doctor's offices with a complete digital structure that has full transparency for patient paediatric files,” was the comment from SMART SOFTWARE SYSTEMS. They will also help each office with the infrastructure and implementation.

The software offers modules for registration, reviews, referrals and web information. Each doctor will be able to see the whole history of the child's health file. Furthermore, it allows parents to enter on their own and fill in more specific health problems or needs of the child, such as allergies, ailments or a requirement for special needs.

Every doctor will be able to communicate more easily with the parents, something that to this day is not yet available with the public healthcare system in Bulgaria. This is another example of forward-thinking by the City of Burgas.



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