A view of the central beach in Burgas , Source: Hristo Sahatchiev / Unsplash

Burgas will host a digital nomads festival right on the beach

Burgas will host a digital nomads festival right on the beach

There is a place where remote workers can make their dreams come true – it has sea, sand and sun

Yesterday, the Bulgarian city of Burgas announced Remotion Fest, a festival catering specifically to digital nomads, freelancers and IT specialists. The festival will be held between 21 and 25 June on the city’s central beach. The location will be equipped with high-speed internet and space for working, as well as indoor co-working spaces.

According to a press statement from the city, the event will be part of the local Smart City strategy, trying to highlight the advantages of Burgas as a destination for people who can work from anywhere.

Additionally, as part of the strategy, the city has created a platform for linking companies and professionals in the area. Currently, Burgas boasts around 300 vacancies in the IT sector.

The dream – working from the beach

As some digital nomads will tell you, working from the beach is the dream and the reason why they stopped going to the office in the first place. However, reality often disappoints as many beaches lack high-speed internet or a decent workspace.

Burgas aims to change that by providing a specific event where people who can work from anywhere can come to the central beach, use the internet provided by the municipality, enjoy the Black Sea coast, complete their projects and network with like-minded people.

The area will also feature a bar, closed spaces, a chill zone, brainstorming areas and sports facilities so that people can navigate between working and relaxing.

Moreover, the event will feature several lectures and workshops in the Burgas Congress Centre. According to local authorities, the lectures will be about tech and the challenges of remote work.



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