"Burgenland working cycles" encourage people to leave their vehicles at home, Source: The state of Burgenland website

“Burgenland cycles to work” motivates people to leave their cars at home

“Burgenland cycles to work” motivates people to leave their cars at home

Campaign for companies and employees runs until the end of May

Burgenland, Austria, will launch a cycling campaign on 1 May 2021. The “Burgenland Cycles to Work” programme allows businesses and their workers to cycle to work for at least 10 days in order to participate in a country-wide raffle.

A mountain bike weekend with a guide and an overnight stay for four people is included in the special offer. There is a bike parking facility for 10 bikes to be earned for the busiest business that logs the most work bike days in the month of May.

“Burgenland cycles to work” is part of the bigger initiative “Burgenland cycles”. “Burgenland cycles to work” offers the perfect opportunity to keep fit, especially on the daily commute, and to protect the environment by not using a car. All initiatives are primarily about everyday cycling and the more people switch to their bikes, the more CO2 can be saved.

Home-office workers can also participate

People who work from home will also have the opportunity to enter the competition. They can do that by entering the distance they are supposed to cycle on a normal working day if they have actually cycled at least this distance on that day for recreational purposes. This means that nobody is excluded from participation, even if they have to work at home due to the measures taken against the spread of Covid.

Municipalities, companies or associations can become organizers and as well participants in the initiative.  Over 50 businesses are currently registered, 26 of which are already actively involved.

“Burgenland cycles to work' aims to promote everyday cycling. This also requires the necessary cycling infrastructure. That is why we are currently expanding the basic bike networks in all districts in order to make cycling even more attractive. Because around half of the distances that are covered in Burgenland are shorter than five kilometres - a perfect distance to pedal,” said Provincial Councilor Heinrich Dorner.



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