María Sánchez, Cantabrian Minister of Economy, at the second 'Escucha Europa' session, Source: Gobierno de Cantabria

Cantabria wants to bring Europe closer to its young residents

Cantabria wants to bring Europe closer to its young residents

The region counts with dedicated EU Funds Information Points

Today, 29 March, the second session of the ‘Escucha Europa’ (Hear Europe) project took place virtually with the participation of officials from Cantabria, EU and youth organizations. Organized with the help of the Ministry of Economy of that northern Spanish region, it is thought out as a way to make European institutions, their functions and purposes more comprehensible to young people. A target audience are especially those living in rural conditions, so that they will not feel left out of the opportunities that European citizenship offers.

A small contribution to the Conference on the Future of Europe

María Sánchez, the Cantabrian Minister of Economy again played a central role in the organization of these sessions (the first of which was held on 8 February). This time she had invited Teresa Frontán, head of the EU Representation in Spain, and Maria Gafo, deputy head of a unit in the General Directorate of Agriculture and Rural Development, to talk about the possibilities that the European Union gives to young people.

Teresa Frontán spoke about the functions of the European Commission, its organizations and how tasks are being delegated. Maria Gafo talked about the special interest that the Commission has in the development of the rural areas on the continent and what contemporary life there is like.

Mrs Sánchez explained that her concern stemmed especially from the threats that rural depopulation posed to regions, such as Cantabria, and how in her opinion young people were central to such an issue, as it was imperative to keep them close to their homes by giving them economic opportunities and also dignity in their origins, dignity that can be derived also from a European identity.

She recalled that her ministry has also been central to financing the so-called EU Funds Information Points. 27 of these can already be found all over the region serving as convenient stations for young people to approach the European Union. The info points are staffed by knowledgeable persons ready to answer questions and give useful recommendations.

The Cantabrian Ministry of Economy also affirmed that through this informational project it wanted to offer its contribution to the upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe.



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