Demonstration of the inclusive drinking fountain in Cascais, Source: Cascais Municipality

Cascais installs inclusive drinking fountains

Cascais installs inclusive drinking fountains

Pushing equality in all aspects of daily life

Last week the Municipality of Cascais, in Portugal, unveiled a network of new drinking fountains, which had been specially designed to be used by virtually everyone, regardless of their physical ability. What’s more, this type of fountain encourages people to refill their bottles of water. This directly contributes to the reduction of disposable plastic bottles and thus impacts the urban environment positively.

Small fountain with many benefits

According to information from the environmental authorities of the city, plastic bottles are a larger concern than most people realize. They take 5th place in the most commonly seen objects on the Portuguese beaches.

Although most people might not see the immediate connection between providing inclusive fountains and waging a war on disposable plastic and marine pollution, it is there, nonetheless. This municipal action shows that the issue can be tackled in subtle ways.

Plus, it is beneficial in more ways than one.

There is the social dimension, which brings residents out in the open and helps everyone feel equally included, regardless of their age or physical capability. The special design allows for users to drink water even if seated in a wheelchair. Concurrently, another person can refill their water bottle, since the fountain has two separate taps. And then at its base, there is also a water tap that can be used to quench the thirsts of the pets taking a walk with their owners!

The fountain also tackles a health aspect. Cascais tap water is of excellent quality, so there is little to no need to resort to packaged water. Encouraging the consumption of safe tap water also helps people distance themselves from the consumption of sugary drinks.

This initiative, which arises from the partnership between the City Council and Águas de Cascais (the municipal water supply company), encourages citizens to live healthier and more environmentally responsible lifestyles.

Throughout 2022, 32 of these drinking fountains are expected to be installed in the municipality, in addition to the use of portable drinking fountains in events organized by the City Council.

Residents can also propose spots for such fountains to be installed.



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