FGC and Institut d'Estudis Catalans officials at the the train naming ceremony, Source: Generalitat de Catalunya

Catalonian train named after Einstein to mark centenary of scientist's visit

Catalonian train named after Einstein to mark centenary of scientist's visit

The railway carriages will display quotes from one of the most brilliant minds in human history

Yesterday, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC), Catalonia’s regional railway operator, officially named one of its trains “Albert Einstein” at a ceremony held at the Placa Catalunya Station in Barcelona.

The move was meant as a way to commemorate the esteemed scientist’s visit to the city exactly one hundred years ago. The train in question will feature a portrait of Eistein on its doors, as well as quotes of wisdom from the man. If you’re interested in riding it you should consider a journey on the Barcelona-Vallés commuter line, which links the capital city with Terrassa and Sabadell in the north of the region.

A train with a genius’ name

Albert Einstein arrived in Barcelona by train from Toulon (France) on 22 February 1923, on invitation from the Commonwealth of Catalonia, and stayed there until 1 March. During these days, he offered a course of three lessons at the headquarters of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans and established close ties with the scientific community of the time. 

In addition, he got to know emblematic places in Catalonia such as the monastery of Sant Cugat, the churches of Sant Pere de Terrassa, the monastery of Poblet and the town of Espluga de Francolí.

One of the quotes on the train is taken from a speech that the German physicist made during his stay to the Barcelona City Council.

It says: “I wish with all my soul that this beautiful city so splendidly located, so sunny, can participate in a very firm and effective way in the achievement of this high ideal [of peace]".

As part of the "Lettres a Ferrocarrils" program, jointly promoted with the regional Department of Culture, in recent years FGC trains have also been named after writers such as Rector de Vallfogona, Joan Fuster, Gabriel Ferrater, Mercè Rodoreda, Montserrat Roig, Joan Brossa, Maria Aurèlia Campmany and Josep M. Espinàs, among others. What’s notable is that Einstein is the only non-Catalan personality to be honoured with the distinction of having a train named after him.



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