A CBD vending machine, Source: CBD24 lu on Facebook

CBD marijuana vending machines cover Luxembourg

CBD marijuana vending machines cover Luxembourg

CBD is the non-psychoactive version of marijuana products, used primarily for medical purposes

Automated machines in Europe are spreading to more and more sectors, as they offer a cheap and convenient around-the-clock service. In Luxemburg, a business offering a variety of CBD marijuana products via outdoor vending machines was able to cover the entire country.

The company is called CBD24, a reference to the non-psychoactive variation of the plant they are selling 24/7. CBD products are used for medical purposes, mainly as painkillers, and have no psychological or behavioural effects on the user.

A map of CBD24 vending machine coverage, Source: CBD24 lu on Facebook

Simple solutions

The vending machines are a simple solution to both availability and convenience. This is one of the main ideas behind the owner of the CBD24 vending machines, Sascha Theis. According to a report by L’essentiel, he became interested in the benefits of CBD because of his grandmother who has a medical condition.

She suffered from fibromyalgia, a disease that combines permanent muscle pain and joint pain. Mr Theis decided to take a more alternative approach to help his grandmother deal with her condition.

He founded CBD24 in 2019 and, in a short time, it was able to blanket the Grand Duchy with a total of 18 vending machines, spread out around all regional centres. To get a few grams of the plant, all customers have to do is check their ID cards and verify their means of payment, with products ranging from 10 to 120 euros.



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