In 2021, Copenhagen achieved the highest CDP score among European cities

CDP's new questionnaire encourages the creation of more climate leader cities

CDP's new questionnaire encourages the creation of more climate leader cities

The 2022 edition includes more categories to allow local governments to present their climate plans

The CDP, the globe’s leading non-profit organization, which serves as a platform for carbon impact disclosure, has just announced that it has updated and made accessible its online Questionnaires for the year 2022.

The purpose of the organization is to encourage even more cities and regions to make their environmental efforts and consequent results transparent to the world. This has the positive benefits of increased accountability, democracy, risk management and investor confidence.

Environmental disclosure is free of charge

Over 14,000 organisations around the world reported data through CDP in 2021, including more than 1,100 cities, states and regions. Among these, 95 cities were recognized as A List cities by the organization meaning that they have a climate action plan, an emissions reduction target and a renewable energy target. They are also making proven progress towards achieving their stated climate goals.

Any local authority can submit a response to the CDP Questionnaires at no charge. In doing so, municipalities and regions join a global movement of climate-ambitious local governments, increase environmental transparency and build their reputation.

Please have a look at this year's new Questionnaires to explore the types of data requested:

  • To view the Cities 2022 Questionnaire (read-only), click here
  • To view the States & Regions 2022 Questionnaire (read-only), click here

Beside climate mitigation and adaptation, the new Questionnaires 2022 will offer room for local and regional authorities to showcase their plans and actions on Air Quality, Energy, Food policy, Green infrastructure, Biodiversity, Health and wellbeing, Forest management, Sustainable mobility, Spatial development, Water security, etc.

The online reporting platform will open in April 2022 and as of this date, cities and regions will be able to start their reporting until July. Cities will get their CDP score around November.



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