Central Istria offers quite the natural office space, Source: Central Istria Tourist Board

Central Istria lures digital nomads with rural bliss

Central Istria lures digital nomads with rural bliss

This charming region of Croatia has stayed undiscovered, but it might not be for long

Istria is an autonomous region and peninsula in Croatia located close to the heart of Central Europe and at the same time surrounded by the pristine waters of the Adriatic Sea. It’s all one could wish for as a getaway-and-stay-there destination and it’s a real headscratcher that it’s stayed relatively unknown for so long.

The Croatian coast has been quite developed as a tourist magnet over the years, however, its immediate hinterland has stayed in the shadow, and especially so out of the tourist season. That’s why the Tourist Board of Central Istria has implemented the Digital Nomads-in-Residence (DN-I-R) program in Central Istria.

18 digital nomads from different countries have been based in Central Istria this past week, getting to know the region as a destination for remote work - and how a rural part of Croatia can cater to remote workers.

The next hot spot for remote working?

Istria is compact, charming, traditional and engaging. With its beautiful nature, high level of safety, numerous activities, local restaurants, and a coworking space nearby, this area is the right choice for digital nomads and people who are not tied to the location-based office.

There is a large range of accommodations, equipped with cooling and heating devices and a good internet connection. In addition, welcoming hosts and interesting events throughout the year are the perfect formula for a working holiday.

The Tourist Board of Central Istria is the initiator of the Live & Work in Central Istria project. Which aims to develop year-round tourism in the destination, attracting a new profile of guests: digital nomads.

The goal of the project itself is to make Central Istria a desirable destination for digital nomads. To get closer to the desired goal, a website was created as part of the project. There prospective remote workers can get all the answers they could possibly have about this destination.

And as for the 18 digital nomads mentioned earlier, as part of the one-week initiative, they got to know more about living and working in Central Istria. This included gastronomy tourism - visiting winemakers, olive groves, taverns and restaurants), natural beauties and much more. In addition to getting to know the location itself, customs, and offers, the remote workers participated in design thinking workshops. Both in person and online, which aim to co-create solutions for different customer needs.

The region has developed the programme as a way to take advantage of Croatia’s digital nomad visa policy, which has been offered since 2021.

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