CIVITAS Awards 2021 will highlight the achievements and urban mobility solutions of European cities

Cities can now apply for the CIVITAS Awards 2021

Cities can now apply for the CIVITAS Awards 2021

The CIVITAS Awards are Europe’s most prestigious sustainable urban mobility prizes

Applications are now open for the CIVITAS Awards 2021: Europe’s leading awards for excellence in sustainable mobility. CIVITAS, a flagship programme helping the European Commission achieve its transport goals, acts as a network of and for cities. Now, its 2021 awards seek to highlight the achievements and urban mobility solutions of European cities.

3 types of awards

This year, cities can apply for 3 distinct CIVITAS Awards, each of which recognises different accomplishments in sustainable urban mobility. First, CIVITAS cities that have been a part of the network for at least 4 years can apply for the “CIVITAS Legacy” Award. This prestigious prize will be awarded to a European city that has successfully translated its commitments to sustainable mobility into high-impact, innovative measures.

“CIVITAS Transformation” Award is the second prize, honouring a city that has employed sustainable mobility measures to transform itself into a smart urban area. The third and final prize is the “CIVITAS Climate-Neutral” Award which recognises a CIVITAS city that is a leader in decarbonisation and is on its way to becoming climate-neutral.

Applications close on 9 September

To apply for one of the above, cities must have signed the CIVITAS City Declaration and be members of the network. If they are eligible, they can fill out an application form and send it to no later than 9 September. The application forms for the different prizes can be found on CIVITAS’ website.

The winners will be announced during the Award Ceremony at the CIVITAS Forum Conference 2021 in October. This conference will be a hybrid event held both online and onsite at Aachen, Germany.

This year, the winners will receive pan-European media coverage as well as custom certificates signed by the European Commission. Thus, they will be publicly recognised as innovative and successful leaders in sustainable mobility. Ultimately, the 2021 winners will act as inspiration to other European towns and municipalities that wish to follow in their footsteps.



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