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CityBox guarantees continuity of service in Otwock despite the pandemic

CityBox guarantees continuity of service in Otwock despite the pandemic

The Polish town keeps providing administrative services in a safe manner

One of the most frequent pieces of advice coming from governments and health authorities with regards to the new coronavirus pandemic has been to stay home as much as possible. Be that as it may, there are some professions that cannot afford to work from the comfort of their homes, and respectively – there are some tasks that cannot be completed online. Luckily, an innovative solution in Otwock comes to the rescue.

Safe municipal office in times of pandemic

The CityBox was installed in Otwock at the end of April and it aims to allow the citizens living in the Polish town to perform their urgent administrative tasks (such as issuing a birth or death certificate or issuing an ID card) in a safer manner while the lockdown lasts. It allows both for the deposition of documents and for communication with representatives of the municipal administration at a distance.

Otwock CityBox - conferencing with municipal representativeA citizen receiving assistance with a video conference. Photo by

In order to make use of the new solution, the citizens must follow strictly a simple order. First, they have to report to the Resident Service Centre, which is located at the entrance to the City Hall, then get a number, and finally report the matter to the employee of the city hall.

Then, they are invited to sit and wait their turn to be invited via an intercom at an open-air waiting room. Upon entering the station, of course, they need to put on a protective mask and use the hand sanitizers provided at the entrance.

Otwock CityBox - open air waiting roomSafe distance must be observed while waiting to be called. Photo by

Each of the six cabins has a station equipped with a computer, microphone, camera, and a multifunction device as the contact with officials occurs only through multimedia devices. After each client exits, the cabin is disinfected by irradiation with UV-C rays.

Finally, the municipality reminds us that in line with the existing restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is only possible to solve matters with the city hall over email, phone, or CityBox.



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