San Sebastian City Hall, Source: San Sebastian City Hall

City Hall of San Sebastian illuminated in blue to support caring staff

City Hall of San Sebastian illuminated in blue to support caring staff

They have also adopted measures to remove the fiscal burdens from citizens

The municipality of San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain, will be showing their support to the first-line personnel, dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in a special way. Every night the building of the city hall will be illuminated in blue as a recognition of their tireless efforts and the risks they are undertaking for the benefit of society.

The measure was announced on Tuesday on the website of the city council. It is meant to be a show of moral support for the work of health personnel and all the staff of socio-health centres (including professionals from the Home Help Service and Social Services) who fight against the coronavirus and take care of the affected people, reads the message.

This way, the City Council wants to show its appreciation and gratitude to all the professionals who work and fight against this pandemic.

San Sebastian against coronavirus

At the same time, it was announced that a local company Graphenea, located in the Miramon Technology Park, has started working on the production of a disinfectant that will be donated to the fight against Covid-19. The disinfectants and hand sanitizers have been the items that are the hardest to find in drugstores and pharmacies since the outbreak of the disease.

Spain has become the second-hardest hit country by the coronavirus in the European Union, after Italy and surpassed China in number of deaths. Residents have been asked to refrain from going out and visiting public spaces, contacting other people and are also encouraged to maintain particularly high personal hygiene.

Accordingly, the Basque municipality has issued a decree for the closure of beaches, parks and main walks, in order to comply with the call of the national government.

In order to alleviate the complex situation for citizens and businesses, the city council of Donostia (the Basque name for San Sebastian) has decided to postpone tax payments until 15 September. This applies to large taxes, such as IBI or Vehicle Tax and OTA. The measure wants to give better flexibility to the locals to deal with other payments in a financial situation extremely complicated by the spread of the disease.



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