Clean street the Hague, Source: Municipality of the Hague

Cleanest Street competition in the Hague: register and win a party

Cleanest Street competition in the Hague: register and win a party

Team up with your neighbours and win a street party as a reward for cleaning your street on 1st January

Without a doubt, you are already looking forward to a great New Year’s Eve party. The local authorities, however, are preparing for something far less pleasant: cleaning up the mess after night-long celebrations of the locals. No need to mention how laborious and expensive this process might be. However, there is one Dutch municipality that is motivated to resolve the issue in a very convenient and engaging way: by involving citizens.

The Hague, the third largest city in the Netherlands, has recently announced the second edition of a competition open to all locals challenging them to clean the streets themselves on the 1st of January. As unattractive as this may sound, the picture changes completely in view of the prize: the winners will win a party worth 2 500 euros.

How to participate?

First, you need a well working and motivated team, wide awake and sober on the 1st of January. Team up with your neighbours, friends or family and register your street for the Cleanest Street competition before the registration deadline (28th December 2019). Spend a great New Year’s Eve (this is not mandatory, though) and gather together on the morning of 1st January 2020. Give your best to clean the street you signed up for before 1 p.m and wait. After you are finished a photographer will come to take photos of the street and upload them on the website of the competition.

The vote takes place between 2nd and 7th January, so make sure to spread the news quickly. There will be a winner in each district who will be announced shortly after the event. Winners  will have the chance to enjoy a great party at the  Hague municipality expenses.

Learn more on this year’s edition and register now via this link.



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