A tiger eating iced food, Source: City of Helsinki

Cold treats and sprinklers help Helsinki’s animals cope with the heat

Cold treats and sprinklers help Helsinki’s animals cope with the heat

Frozen food provides the animals in Korkeasaari with relief

This summer, Finland has been experiencing record high temperatures and heatwaves. While residents have found ways to cope with the heat and stay cool, animals have not been able to do so. Understanding that animals also need relief from the high temperatures, Helsinki’s island of Korkeasaari is taking measures to help them cool down.

The unbearable heat often results in a lack of appetite as bodies reduce heat-generating functions such as the digestion of food. As such, the animals in Korkeasaari have been presented with cold delicacies and icy treats to promote the consumption of food and to help them cool down.

Taking a case in point, the City of Helsinki reports that nuts, berries, and rose petals have been frozen in honey water for bears. Similarly, mangoes and seeds have been frozen for monkeys, meat for cats, and fish for mussels. In this way, it is hoped that the animals in Korkeasaari will be able to regain their energy and cope with the high temperatures.

Water is the only way to keep cool

The city further highlighted that the animals have been encouraged to swim and remain in the water. More specifically, small bathtubs have been given to those who do not otherwise live in water and sprinklers have been installed to refresh both plants and animals.

It is not surprising that the thickest fur creatures, musk oxen, have been struggling tremendously as a result of the heat. According to the City of Helsinki, wet ground and sprinklers are the only solutions for these animals.

Director of Animal Care and Protection at Korkeasaari Nina Trontti commented on the importance of caring for the animals during the summer season: “There has been a special need for heat relief this summer. We are constantly developing ways to cool the animals for their natural behaviour and monitor the animals' preferences.

With these measures, the Finnish capital proves that it cares about the welfare of its animals during the summer heat.

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