Nicosia parking lot unveiling, Source: City of Nicosia

Connectivity in Nicosia’s old town bolstered with inauguration of new parking lot

Connectivity in Nicosia’s old town bolstered with inauguration of new parking lot

Alongside a new minibus network, more parking spaces will become available to citizens of the Cypriot capital’s old town

Another parking lot within the walls of Nicosia has been completed with the aim of increasing the number of visitors to the old town and the urban centre of the capital amid an overarching push for revitalizing businesses and tourism opportunities in the Cypriot capital’s centre.

Boosting performance through connectivity

The Municipality of Nicosia delivers to the public the parking lot in Trikoupi which has 54 parking spaces, of which 5 for the disabled. The Municipality also announces the expansion of the parking lot on Tempon Street. The space has 36 parking spaces (3 for the disabled).

At the moment, parking in the parking lot in Trikoupi is free for the public. The parking lot in Tempon serves in the morning the citizens who visit the Municipal Fund of the Municipality and from 4 in the afternoon it is free for the citizens who visit the centre of the capital.

The Mayor of Nicosia, Konstantinos Giorkatzis, visited the parking lots in Trikoupi and Tempi on Friday, January 15, 2021, expressing his satisfaction that two more parking lots have been completed and can serve the needs of the citizens visiting the centre of the capital.

"After the completion of the parking lot in Homerou, with 147 parking spaces, of which 8 for the disabled, we deliver to the public another 54 parking spaces on Trikoupi Street and additional parking spaces on Tempon Street," said Mr. Giorkatzis.

In the works, according to the Mayor, are also the creation of two other small parking spaces on Aeschylus Street, one of which has 14 parking spaces (2 for the disabled) and the other space 9 parking spaces.

A total of 260 new parking spaces are being created in the old city, while the offer for the renovation of the old GSP will be announced soon, where a large underground parking lot with 570 parking spaces will be created.

The Mayor also made special mention of the operation of the minibus network, which provides the possibility of free transportation of employees of any company, with the aim of freeing parking spaces within the walls for visitors and customers of businesses.

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