Constanta’s city centre to be revitalized through new EU-funded project

Constanta’s city centre to be revitalized through new EU-funded project

The initiative will see the city become greener and more environmentally friendly

The central area of ​​the Romanian city of Constanta will be revitalized through a European-funded project that aims to improve sustainable urban mobility. The urban public space will be reconfigured to increase the attractiveness of pedestrian and bicycle travel and will also encourage the use of public transport instead of personal cars.

Improving sustainability and travel options

The works on Constanta’s centre will start soon and will last 18 months. The acquisition of the execution of the works is in progress and the contract for the provision of services is to be signed for the site management service.

According to the project, Ștefan cel Mare Street will be transformed into a modern esplanade, the pedestrian area will be rehabilitated and expanded on an area of ​​approximately 15,800 sqm.

Artesian fountains will become the main attraction of this area which will be enriched with over 5,000 square meters of green space. Smart street furniture with benches, seating areas, bicycle racks, taps will be arranged and information systems with variable messages will be installed. To increase the safety of citizens, a video surveillance system will be installed.

The public lighting will be modernized, while unique underground sewerage for communications and electric lighting network will also be built.

In parallel, on the adjacent area, representing Ferdinand Boulevard and Mircea cel Batran Street, the pedestrian infrastructure will also be rehabilitated, and unique public transport lanes and bicycle lanes will be introduced. Bus stations will be upgraded and the entire area will benefit from public lighting for the road, sidewalks, bike lanes and smart lighting for pedestrian crossings.

At the same time, the road signalling infrastructure in the central area of ​​the city will be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities and reduced mobility.

By implementing this project, the environmental conditions for the entirety of Constanta will be improved. A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is estimated at 1.7% after the first year after the completion of the project.

The total value of the project is approximately 90 million lei with the financial contribution of Constanta Municipality standing at approximately 1.8 million.

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