Plans for the new school, Source: City of Copenhagen

Construction of Kødbyen’s new school marks new age for urban development in Copenhagen

Construction of Kødbyen’s new school marks new age for urban development in Copenhagen

Work on the site began earlier this week and was welcomed by the city’s mayor

Copenhagen’s mayor Lars Weiss visited the construction site for a new school in Kødbyen earlier this week thereby marking the start of building efforts, which will culminate in a milestone in the urban development of the old Vesterbro and Kødbyen.

Achieving new heights and reaching new milestones

The vision with the construction is that the school will be part of a connection with Kødbyen, where the outdoor areas slide together with the neighbourhood. The schoolyard will therefore be open for access from the outside, just as the school's facilities will also be used for leisure activities.

The new school will have its own production kitchen in the form of a food school, where healthy, organic food is made for the students every day. At the food school, the students take turns participating in the cooking, and the kitchen is part of the teaching at the educational establishment, where the children learn about food, food waste and healthy eating habits.

The school will also have a large sports hall of 20 x 40 meters, which in contrast to a regular sports hall can accommodate more space-consuming sports activities and events both inside and outside school hours. Both the food school and the sports hall can be used by the association life outside school hours.

Kødbyen's school is located on the corner of Skelbækgade and Ingerslevsgade towards Dybbølsbro and thus becomes a marked and visible end to Den Hvide Kødby.

“It is a milestone that the construction of the new school in Kødbyen is now starting. The school will contribute to the urban development of the old Vesterbro and Kødbyen and become a centre for both playing, learning and leisure activities. I look forward to seeing the construction take shape and I am delighted that both students and other Copenhageners can benefit from the school's facilities,” says Mayor Lars Weiss.

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