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Contactless Mobile Ticketing is Healthier, Here is Why

Contactless Mobile Ticketing is Healthier, Here is Why

See where digital transformation transit starts from

We stumbled upon а joke earlier today:

Digital Transformation Covid-19 

As ironic as it may sound, it’s true for many companies -from big to small, located all over the world, across many industries. Why wouldn’t public transit be one of them? The good ol’ ticket had its days of glory, but it’s time for it to make way for new, digital solutions. Ones that are far more hygienic. As transit agencies across the globe are being subjected to strict scrutiny, a simple and straight-forward product slowly comes under the spotlight. Its name? Contactless mobile ticketing. 

But first, let’s see why we are in such a dire need of healthier options on our public transport menu...

How many nasty bugs can fit on a public transit ticket?

 standard bus ticket dirty bacteria

Just imagine this - in order to buy a paper ticket, in most countries you need to hand out cash, get the ticket from the driver or conductor, then get your change. The person who sold you your ticket has most likely been handling cash all day, with no way to sanitise their hands after each transaction.

And you know what’s one of the dirtiest, bacteria-laden items in your life? Money. All of the nasty bugs (bacteria and viruses) that reside on banknotes and coins are transferred to your ticket by the loving hands of the driver or conductor who sold you your ticket. After each transaction, you have the pleasure of meeting not only the bugs residing on your own money, but also those delivered by the countless passengers before you.

Many studies have been conducted to actually count the number of bugs that ride on public transport vehicles with you, along with billions of other people. As many as 75% of these people don’t wash their hands properly - and they touch the same surfaces as you do. The same surfaces that the person who sold you your ticket also touches all the time.

What’s on them, you might ask? Anything, from E.coli and Salmonella to mold strains and superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics. Now consider the fact that most bugs enter the organism through the mouth, nose and eyes - and count the times each day you subconsciously touch your face. Or the times you smoke or eat without washing your hands. 

Now you know why it’s so easy to get sick. But how can transit companies help alleviate this risk - not only now, but as a common practice in the future?

Contactless Mobile Ticketing Comes To The Rescue

As more and more countries urge their citizens to use contactless payments whenever possible, it’s only natural to turn to contactless technology on public transit networks as well. By providing a quick and easy way to buy and validate a ticket on your own smartphone, without touching money, you can effectively protect both the passengers and the drivers. This, in conjunction with stricter hygiene practices and urging people not to touch handrails and doors whenever possible, can significantly reduce transmission of pathogens on public transport vehicles. 

Contactless mobile ticketing is easy and quick to implement and holds an array of functionalities to improve the overall experience of users across the network - including low maintenance cost, faster validation and more. Telelink City now offers its contactless mobile ticketing solution at no cost so that your transit agency can see the tremendous difference it can make. 

Take the lead of the digital transformation of your transit agency now. Request contactless mobile ticketing, and someone from our team will get back to you shortly to discuss how you can make your city’s public transport a safer place.

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