From 2024, 2D scanners at Copenhagen Airport will start being phased out, Source: Depositphotos

Copenhagen Airport to add 3D scanners in 2024

Copenhagen Airport to add 3D scanners in 2024

That will eliminate the annoying part of having to take out electronic devices from your bags at gate control

Airport security control is something of a hassle, especially if you are a regular traveller, due to the myriad of requirements such as taking electronics out of your bags or not being able to take large containers with liquids or cosmetics. Not to mention the whole unbolting and un-shoeing procedure.

And for those people flying out of Copenhagen Airport (CPH) this kind of hassles might soon be history and only an unpleasant memory. Local media reports that in 2024, the Danish airport will get new 3D scanners that will let passengers keep electronic devices and fluids in their bags during security checks. Belts, watches and shoes will also no longer have to be taken off. 

More speed and more convenience with new technology

CPH Airport is currently testing the new 3D scanner system. If everything goes to plan, it will be phased in next year, before being completely ready for all passengers in 2026. 

The ambition is for passengers to simply place their bags with everything inside, keep their jackets on and walk through the scanner without stopping,” Johnnie Müller, CPH Airport’s head of security, told Berlingske newspaper.

And although it sounds quite simple to implement, it is actually fairly complex on the tech side, which is why it won’t happen as fast probably most would wish.

The airport is already among the most efficient when it comes to moving passengers through security. With the new scanners, the airport estimates it can go from processing 200 passengers per hour per single track to 300-350 passengers per hour. 

The move will also see a significant reduction in the number of trays used by each passenger when going through security – from an average of 3.5 today to an estimated 1.5 when the new system is fully in place.



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