Copenhagen reveals its business strategy for 2021-2023

Copenhagen reveals its business strategy for 2021-2023

The Danish capital hopes to become a competitive, green metropolis

On 23 April, the City of Copenhagen unveiled its goals for the next three years. More specifically, it announced the launch of its business strategy for 2021-2023. According to the municipality, the strategy seeks to ensure that the capital continues to grow and develop as a "competitive, international, and green metropolis".

Aims and features

The 2021-2023 plan focuses on several key elements. First, it strives to provide a clear framework for the business community in Copenhagen. Second, it seeks to strengthen the city’s international and green focus. Third, it will work to secure more jobs and increase employment. Finally, it has been designed with the goal of helping the capital recover from the negative impact of the pandemic.

In a press release on the municipality’s website, Mayor Lars Weiss commented: "With the new business strategy, we create continued growth, up to 5,000 new jobs and help Copenhagen’s business start well on top of the corona crisis. All with a focus on a continued CO2 reduction, so we can meet our climate goals."

In addition to this, the municipality reported that it wants to increase innovation and development by collaborating with companies, institutions, etc. Taking this further, it announced that it will first partner with the Amager Resource Centre to develop new technology to store CO2 and protect the environment.

The Mayor of Technology and Environment Ninna Hedeager Olsen clarified, "With the new business strategy, we want to focus in particular on the companies that support and create the green transition, as well as to increase the focus on small, local businesses."

Ultimately, the 2021-2023 business plan has been created to ensure that the city’s growth and development set it apart from other countries. Moreover, it further seeks to guarantee that by the end of 2023, employment and tourism levels in the capital will return to or exceed their pre-COVID levels.



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