Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen’s citizens can save historic gems from demolition

Copenhagen’s citizens can save historic gems from demolition

Citizens can nominate buildings they want to protect online until 23 June

With the constant appearance of new developments and buildings, it is not surprising that Copenhagen’s construction activity is currently at an all-time high. Understanding that tearing down old buildings to make space for ones that are newer and more modern often upsets citizens, the capital is now asking residents to nominate the buildings they view as ‘historic gems’.

“Copenhageners are the local experts in our city, and therefore, I hope that as many people as possible will point to the buildings that give our city its soul. Because we have unfortunately seen how local gems have been torn down, to the great annoyance of Copenhageners. We must do what we can do to avoid that,” shared the Mayor of Copenhagen Sophie Hæstorp Andersen.

How can you nominate a building?

As of 5 May and until 23 June, anyone can nominate the buildings they believe should be protected from demolition. During this period, the City of Copenhagen will hold events and create podcasts to spark conversations and inspire residents to take part in the nomination process.

To participate, one must visit and submit their proposal by attaching a photograph and a short text explaining why their nominated building is worthy of being protected. In addition to submitting a proposal, one can also “like” the suggestions of their fellow citizens.

Once the nomination period is over, a panel of judges will review the proposals and recommend up to 10 buildings from each of the capital’s districts. The recommendations will then be discussed in connection with the Municipal Plan 2024 to guarantee their preservation. The capital will then announce the buildings it will protect in the autumn of 2022.

“I look forward to seeing what Copenhageners point to. I am sure that their input will contribute to us having a city rich in history and soul in the future, while at the same time developing the city and making room for the increasing number of residents,” Mayor Andersen stated.



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