Copenhagen’s newest cultural venue opens its doors

Copenhagen’s newest cultural venue opens its doors

After months of delay due to COVID-19, “Stairway” is finally ready to welcome visitors

Earlier last week, Copenhagen’s newest cultural and musical venue was finally allowed to open its doors and welcome visitors. Stairway – a project run by the municipality’s cultural department – was supposed to open earlier this year but was unable to do so due to the unprecedented circumstances brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

The perfect place to foster local talent

Copenhagen’s newest venue has a capacity of over 350 standing spectators and 100 seated ones due to the social distancing measures that are in place. According to officials, Stairway will be the perfect place for alternative types of music that will allow new and emerging local talents to find a place under the spotlight.

Local authorities have very high expectations and hopes for the venue, as stated by Copenhagen’s culture and leisure mayor Franciska Rosenkilde "After a difficult period for cultural life - especially for the venues - it is both exciting and positive that we can now inaugurate Stairway.

Copenhagen's music scene is both deep and broad, classical and varied. With Stairway in Vanløse, we hope that even more talents can be allowed to unfold, just as Copenhageners expect great music experiences on the city's new stage.”

The inauguration of Stairway is a breath of fresh air for Copenhagen in more than one sense. Not only does its opening signify the belief of local authorities that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is finally behind us, but it also gives artists who previously had no other proper outlets, the perfect place to demonstrate their talents.

The venue will also be used by the city for its many events and will be vital for the execution of its varied cultural programmes as its offer is unique in the Danish capital.




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